Horaires de navigation de l'Express côtier

MS Nordlys - Yard stay:

MS Nordlys will be out of service 23.Apr.-25.May.2019 due to refurbishment. She will be back in service, departure from Bergen 26.May 2019

MS NORDNORGE - cxl ports between Honningsvåg - Kirkenes, and Kirkenes - Hammerfest 16-17.02.2019: Due to severe weather, MS Nordnorge will cancell the northbound sailing between Honningvåg and Kirkenes. The southbound sailing Kirkenes-Hammerfest will also be cancelled.
The following ports will be cancelled:

Northbound: Kjøllefjord, Mehamn, Berlevåg, Båtsfjord, Vardø and Vadsø.
Southbound: Vardø, Båtsfjord, Berlevåg, Mehamn, Kjøllefjord, Honningsvåg and Havøysund.

Departure from Hammerfest according to schedule.
Port Arrivée Départ

* Départs vers le Geirangerfjord du 02.06 au 01.09 et vers le Hjorundfjord du 02.09 au 01.11.