Horaires de navigation de l'Express côtier

MS Vesterålen - yard stay: Due to mainenance/yard stay, MS Vesterålen will be out of service 14.Oct.-08.Des.2019
MS Midnatsol: Departed from Bergen 23.Sep.19 and sails only to Tromsø arrival according to shcedule 27.Sep.19. Then MS Spistbergen takes over the route from Tromsø north.
MS NORDLYS - schedule change: cxl Molde 14.September and Kristiansund 15. September 2019, due to the weather situation:



The ship will go to Urke as scheduled.

  • Ålesund II to be done if they get an alternative quay, if not it will be clx.
  • Molde will be cancelled


  • Kristiansund will be cancelled
  • Arrival in Trondheim as scheduled but may be other quay (at Ila)
Port Arrivée Départ

* Départs vers le Geirangerfjord du 02.06 au 01.09 et vers le Hjorundfjord du 02.09 au 01.11.